The price is a component that affects a company’s revenue significantly. It forms the key variable in the company’s financial modeling and affects its income, profits, and investments in the long term. Price reflects the idea of a business and shows its behavior towards competitors and the value it gives customers.

BOYOCON OPC PVT LTD. ensures a great return on the investment made by the users , it is to explain that such low as INR 50 per month inclusive of all taxes etc for each vertical is the best suitable registration / subscription fee decided for getting maximum returns to the users of this platform .Truly this platform will be a podium of profit for all who joins.

Yearly fees for registration is INR 600 incl.of all taxes per segment.

Advertisement pricing is as under :

Sl. No. Views PPV (INR) Total GST (18%) Grand Total (INR) Content Status View report
1 10000 0.95 9500.00 1710.00 11210.00
2 25000 0.90 22500.00 4050.00 26550.00
3 50000 0.85 42500.00 7650.00 50150.00
4 75000 0.80 60000.00 10800.00 70800.00
5 100000 0.75 75000.00 13500.00 88500.00
6 1000000 0.70 700000.00 126000.00 826000.00
7 2500000 0.65 1625000.00 292500.00 1917500.00
8 5000000 0.60 3000000.00 540000.00 3540000.00
9 7500000 0.55 4125000.00 742500.00 4867500.00
10 10000000 0.50 5000000.00 900000.00 5900000.00
1 Intended party /individual who wants to get their product /services etc promoted through Boyocon OPC Private Limited required to register first.
2 Post succesful registration in the Boyocon OPC Private Limited. They are eligible for promoting their product/services etc. as per the above rate schedule.
3 Once payment made in full App should ask for uploading content which should not exceed 4 second.
4 APP should check the content loaded for all legal parameters and will approve the content and ACTIVE status be notified.
5 Post ACTIVE status immediately APP should throw uploaded content to relevant registered users to view whenever logged in by users, advertisement should be displayed in the beginning only when logged in.
6 View report be loaded by APP every day for the advertiser to see the progress.
7 Once the views is achieved for whichever the advertiser has opted the Status be notified as COMPLETED.
8 Any other information if required be suggested.

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